What is CARE in healing?

Check out this example of predictive processing:

Lesson Summary

The four elements of CARE in neuroplastic healing are essential for any healing program:

  • Compassion for self
  • Awareness of context
  • Reassurance of safety
  • Exposure to triggers

These elements are meant to be present in every moment of our day, guiding our choices, thoughts, and actions towards healing and well-being. Compassion for oneself is crucial during the messy and imperfect process of neuroplastic healing, as self-criticism can hinder progress.

Identifying triggers for pain, although not the direct cause, is important as these factors contribute to the context of protective alerts like pain, bloating, or migraines. Reassuring ourselves of safety must go beyond mere words, incorporating experiential safety practices to engage the emotional center of the brain.

Our brain's predictive processing can lead to errors in perception, influencing chronic pain experiences. Through top-down and bottom-up practices, we can correct these errors and reassure our safety effectively. Gradually exposing ourselves to triggers is crucial for deconditioning the protective alerts, but it should be done slowly to avoid overwhelming the nervous system.

In summary, the elements of CARE - compassion, context awareness, safety reassurance, and trigger exposure - work synergistically to support neuroplastic healing and overall well-being.

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