Experience with pain & healing

Lesson Summary

Amy Carr-Hilton is a chronic pain recovery coach, massage therapist, and yoga therapist who shares her personal journey of dealing with neuroplastic symptoms and medical trauma.

  • Amy emphasizes that the nature and intensity of symptoms are not as important as recognizing if they are neuroplastic and treating them as such.
  • Her history includes early kidney issues, medical trauma, and being sensitive in a family that she believed valued toughness over sensitivity.
  • She experienced psychogenic seizures due to bullying, and later had pain triggered by certain positions or movements, leading her to understand the role of neuroplasticity in healing.
  • Amy has faced various pain and other symptoms, such as chronic headaches, knee and shoulder injuries, stomach pain, and foot pain, all linked to emotional discomfort and protective alerts.
  • Through her journey and studies in anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience, Amy emphasizes that most chronic symptoms stem from a sensitized central nervous system, which can be healed through the same principles, no matter how the symptoms present themselves.

Amy encourages understanding and addressing personal experiences of pain and symptoms, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging emotional discomfort and building a foundation for healing through her four elements of CARE approach.

She offers self-study and supported programs to guide individuals in their healing journeys, focusing on shifting neural pathways from danger to safety through neuroplastic healing.

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