Inside my ultimate self-healing membership you have my step by step guidance in using brain retraining to heal from chronic symptoms.

This includes:
🧐 Proven process for understanding where your triggers come from, and how to safely decondition protective pain responses.
🏋🏽 Step by step guidance to get active, be functional in life, and have fun again through brain retraining and graded exposure.
❤️‍🩹 Compassionately exploring the ways we unknowingly sabotage our ability to heal - and how to stop doing that!

Plus bonuses:
🧘🏽‍♂️ My toolbox of over 130 different brain retraining, pain reprocessing, mindful meditation, movement practices, writing exercises, and nervous system regulation!
🤗 And dozens of my most in depth group coaching calls, where you'll hear all the questions people just like you have asked as they heal - and enjoy guided practices to work through those stumbling blocks!

Here's what Kirstie has to say about her first two weeks of exploration...

A group of us explorers got together for some Q&A, sharing and group led nervous system regulation and brain retraining.

The full session is in your bonuses, but here's a little clip of Kirstie sharing how her healing is going, after she'd only been exploring for a couple weeks!

Get Started on Your Healing Explorations...

See how far your healing exploration can take you!

Hi! I'm Amy!

I'm a registered massage therapist with a background in pain reprocessing therapy, brain retraining, nervous system regulation, mindful meditation, yoga therapy, functional fitness and personal training.

I suffered with chronic neuroplastic symptoms, including pain, from a young teen. Now, after healing myself and gaining the neuroscience education necessary to truly understand how healing neuroplastic symptoms happens, I help people overcome their debilitating pain-fear cycle so they can get back to the fun, fulfilling life they deserve.

Get ready to experience my compassionate style of evidence-based treatment and coaching with a healthy dose of motivation, support and accountability!

I really want to see my caring, conscientious clients change their relationship with pain. I want to see you empowered in your healing so you can get out and live your life of fun and fulfillment!

When I'm not working with clients, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, splashing, singing, playing cello, reading a book, or just generally enjoying life.