What one client had to say after starting the first module:

"Already feeling so grateful that I found this course"

- Miranda

And what another client says as we got further into the healing practices:

"This was profound for me! As I moved my hands over my arms in an act of love I realized these are the same hands that I use to bring comfort and relieve pain to my children… and it can be the same hands for me! Why have I never connected this before?? 😭 I am definitely a care taker by nature and I’m seeing now it’s time to turn that care and love towards myself. Thank you ❤️"

- Paige

Discover the Elements of CARE

These are the 4 essential aspects of healing that you have complete control over in your unique process. Learn what these elements are, why they are so important in your healing, and how to implement them into your life!

Explore the 3 Healing Phases

We all go through 3 phases with our healing. There's some overlap in these phases, but it makes healing so much smoother if you start at the beginning. Included are 3 practices so you can experience all 4 CARE elements in each phase!

Establish Your Healing Plan

It helps to have a plan with milestones to reach along the way. While figuring out steps to take you'll have questions, and in this mini workshop you'll get to hear my answers to FAQ's in self-healing, and learn about my 12 week process.

What one client has to say while learning about their own healing process:

"This is so fascinating!"

- Yasmin

And another client's experience and hopes while getting into the material:

"My eyes started tearing up when you were talking about the trail metaphor and building a neuropathway for our brains to travel.... Maybe I'll be able to start mountain biking after I finish this course too :) Feeling hopeful!"

- Meghan

Build your self-healing foundation today!

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You can access all my pain healing pathways in my Fulfilled Pain Healing Membership!

Hi, I'm Amy!

I want to see you empowered in your healing so you can get out and live your life of fun, purpose & adventure! This healing method is all about healing our relationship with pain... We don't want our old life back, we want to learn how to listen to pain so we can live a more authentic and free life!

I'm a registered massage therapist with a background in pain reprocessing therapy, brain retraining, nervous system regulation, mindful meditation, yoga therapy, functional fitness and personal training.

I suffered with chronic neuroplastic symptoms, including pain, fatigue, digestive disorders, skin sensitivities, anxiety and psychogenic seizures from a young teen. Now, after healing myself and gaining the neuroscience education necessary to truly understand how healing neuroplastic symptoms happens, I help people overcome their pain-fear cycle so they can get back to the fun, fulfilling life they deserve.

Get ready to experience my compassionate style of evidence-based treatment and coaching with a healthy dose of motivation, support and accountability!

When I'm not working with clients, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, splashing, singing, playing cello, reading a book, or just generally enjoying life.