Discover how to overcome current pain and other symptom limitations and become empowered in achieving your life's fun fulfillment!

"If you feel stuck in chronic pain and wonder whether there might be a piece of the healing puzzle you've been missing, look no further than Empowered Pain Mastery! I've learned more about how our brains and bodies are wired in these past 3 months than I ever have, and now have the tools I need to keep moving forward in my own recovery from pain and fatigue. Amy is an excellent coach, with so much knowledge to give and genuine care for her clients - having her support and cheering on (even from another country!) has been wonderful!"

- Gabbie

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Hi! I'm Amy!

I'm a registered massage therapist with a background in pain reprocessing therapy, brain retraining, nervous system regulation, mindful meditation, yoga therapy, functional fitness and personal training.

I suffered with chronic neuroplastic symptoms, including pain, from a young teen. Now, after healing myself and gaining the neuroscience education necessary to truly understand how healing neuroplastic symptoms happens, I help people overcome their debilitating pain-fear cycle so they can get back to the fun, fulfilling life they deserve.

Get ready to experience my compassionate style of evidence-based treatment and coaching with a healthy dose of motivation, support and accountability!

I really want to see my caring, conscientious clients change their relationship with pain. I want to see you empowered in your healing so you can get out and live your life of fun and fulfillment!

When I'm not working with clients, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, splashing, singing, playing cello, reading a book, or just generally enjoying life.