Bonus healing FAQ's

One minute I believe it's neuroplastic then I revert back to thinking it’s structural. Why does this happen? And how can I overcome it?

Why is my pain sometimes replaced by anxiety?

How do I handle a family member or friends who are not supportive or understanding of pain being a nervous system disorder? And is there a best way to explain it to others who might need this work?

My physio/chiro/massage/acupuncturist/other therapist doesn't know anything about neuroplasticity and always looks for structural causes to my pain. Should I stop seeing them?

It seems likely there are physical reasons for my pain, but also some signs of neuroplasticity. Should I try physiotherapy first?

What are conditioned responses, how are they related to neuroplastic pain, and how can I prevent them?

How do I handle a flare up, setback or an acute relapse?

Can neuroplastic changes and central sensitization cause swelling?

I have a lot of stress and past trauma. Is it 'safe' for me to start neuroplastic healing? Should I deal with current stress or is it important to resolve old trauma first?

Can I start neuroplastic healing while still taking pain medications? And when should I stop taking pain medications during my recovery?

Is it normal to get flare-ups after journaling? Is this a good sign or bad, and is there anything that I should do?

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